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Located in the Central Anatolian Region, the Province of Sivas, Turkey is the home of the little doctors of Kangal, the fish with a license to heal. The thermal resort is 98 km from Sivas and 13 km from the centre of the town of Kangal. The spa sits beside a snow-melt swollen river, in a valley 1,600m (5,250ft) up in the mountains. Located in a rural setting and a green valley this place has been sought out by many patients suffering from various complaints, most particularly psoriasis, ulcers, rheumatism and St. Anthony's fire. Due to the high level of altitude and isolated location from the main city, the visitors of Kangal Spa Hotel can enjoy an extremely fresh and clean air combined with sunny weather 280 days a year. The high elevation facilitates the exposure of the skin to the beneficial influence of the sunlight UV rays which creates a positive effect to the psoriasis affected derma.

Getting There

There are regular flights from Istanbul to Sivas. There is special service for guests coming with tour from Sivas airport to spring. The Spa Hotel is 13 km from Kangal, 96 km from Sivas and 450 km from Ankara. Road and train connections can be utilized to reach this thermal. A bus line running every hour everyday is also at your service. Transportation between Kangal and the thermal is provided through busses and minibuses. The Sivas - Malatya railway, 5 km away from the thermal, is preferred, it is necessary to get off at Kangal station which is within the village of Karanlik.

Hotel Facilities

The Thermal hotel is a well equipped simple complex that is all seasons open and welcomes patients from all around the world. The hotel facilities are spread in 4 buildings, including 2 main room types: A first class accommodation representing large and well-appointed room equipped with en-suite bathroom facilities, mini-bar, central heating provided by a ground based steam system and telephone allowing internal calls. The second class accommodations are also supplied with private bathroom even though they are not so spacious and lack some of the comforts provided in accommodation class A. For full comfort and most enjoyable stay we recommend you to book first class accommodations whenever they are available.

The Thermal Spa possesses 6 pools (one being half Olympic size) and 16 private baths. There is a steam drainage system that runs across the buildings. Each pool features a pebbled floor and solid concrete walls. The pools of the Kangal Spring can presently accommodate 1,500 persons per day. There are separate treatment pools for both woman and man. Those who would like only to rest can get the advantage of the separate sections of the psoriasis cure pools having no fish inside. Guests of the spa complex are also able to reach one of the 16 private baths connected through a covered passage with the central building.

The present hotel buildings, spa pools and changing facilities were built in the 1970s. Accommodation is basic but clean. The hotel features 137 rooms (134 standard and 3 suits). The public areas in the hotel are smoke-filled, particularly the television room in the evenings, where Turkish guests meet to play cards and dominoes. The fish spa pools are the only game in town, and the only "therapist" other than the fish is an on-site nurse who doesn't speak English, although the manager can translate. (Travel Tip: Bring a DVD player, iPod and books.)

A commodious restaurant seating 200 people is offering fresh meals from ala-cart and table d'houte menus. Further resort facilities include a TV room, a market (food, vegetable, fruit, newspaper, cigarette, drink), a tea garden, a coffee shop and a playground for children. The food palette offered features tasty local meals including local lamb, fresh tomato salads as well as many unconventional dishes.

The Balikli Thermal Spa Hotel can be referred to as treatment center as well because of the rigid treatment guidelines, obliging patients to take safety measures for their health such as using their own soaps, shampoos, sleepers and towels during their stay at the hotel. Visitors of the treatment center can buy these provisions from the mini store placed at the ground floor of the hotel.

To make a reservation at the Kangal Balikli Thermal Spa Hotel please fill out our reservation form and submit it. We will get back to you shortly with full information regarding availability and detailed price information. International and domestic flights, airport transfers as well as daily trips and excursions to local cities and sights are also available upon request.